27 October 2003

I believe I can fly,,, I believe I can touch the sky...

Spread my wings and fly away....
Ibelieve I can hold.. my destiny to my very own..
I believe I can fly...

(brian mcknight)

20 October 2003


Hello everybody?!!!!!

At last, I arrived here, in MCIIUM. Coz i'm belong to the matrix and I want to do something bizzarre for IIUM.. that's my dream.. and by His will and power, I will achieve my dreams.

"dreams come true (they do)
dont u know that dreams come true.. (westlife)"

GOT TO GO, should say no, someone waiting for me...

listen baby i'm sorry,
just wanna tell u dont worry,
I will be late just dont stay up and wait for me...

i said again.. my battery is low, so you know,
we're going to a place nearby, got to go!

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