20 March 2003


you know what? Suddenly, just after I woke up from my refreshing sleep... I visualized something....

I heard the explosion sound next to me when I was sleeping. The wall next to me collapses on my body. On my head. On my chest. Unable to breath. Gasping for air. 5 seconds passsed. And I died because of being smashed with my room wall. Why? Because A BOMB HAS LANDED ON MY ROOF.


Men, I'm so grateful to be alive again.. there's so many things I haven't done... my family... myself... my Quran... and my friends there in Iraq, I haven't done anything good to help them.... I really hope I can do something like praying for their safety everyday, and if possible, doing solat hajat for them.... hmmmh.

14 March 2003

hehe... kelmarin jogging... hari nih nak gi jogging gak... best gile...!

masuk hari nih, aku dah berjaya buat 5 lagu... siap ngan lirik skali. Alhamdulillah.. sementara bakat nih dan masa yang terluang masih banyak, boleh la guna untuk something u Islam... harap harap sgt Allah terima apa y aku buat nih.. kalau tak sia sia je la aku "luang" masa..

hehe... yesterday I went jogging... and today, i'll jog too.... feel so great..really great! Awesome! (spidey said..)

Until today, I've composed 5 song... with full lyrics included... hmm.. thanks to Him for blessing me with this gift... i'll use it while the gift is still there, doing something for our Islamic generation today.. hopefully this effort will be blessed and accepted by Him... if not, all my time and effort will turn into a big waste..

04 March 2003

The holiday ended.. hmm... what a holiday...

What a great holiday..!

I'll return to UIA today... probably on 10 o'clock.

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