20 March 2003


you know what? Suddenly, just after I woke up from my refreshing sleep... I visualized something....

I heard the explosion sound next to me when I was sleeping. The wall next to me collapses on my body. On my head. On my chest. Unable to breath. Gasping for air. 5 seconds passsed. And I died because of being smashed with my room wall. Why? Because A BOMB HAS LANDED ON MY ROOF.


Men, I'm so grateful to be alive again.. there's so many things I haven't done... my family... myself... my Quran... and my friends there in Iraq, I haven't done anything good to help them.... I really hope I can do something like praying for their safety everyday, and if possible, doing solat hajat for them.... hmmmh.

Kita Kawan, Bukan Mahu Lawan

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