22 November 2002

quite happy hari ni. Something happened yesterday. Aku gi rumah anak yatim... for the first time. the trip was conducted by ARC (adventure and recreational club) Sisters....at Rumah Bakti Ulu Kelang. Departed from UIA at 3.30 pm, thanks to Cik Beb (he always using that "beb". "Gila beb", "besok kerja beb" .... ntahpape.)

Reached there at about 4.15 pm.

just when we arrived there..

Seeing with my bare eye....the face of happiness.... their laughters.....it all make me felt and thought, that this world is full of love and peace.... just like what I've felt when I was in Darul Quran.

sing together.... laugh together...... iftar together..... re-feeeling the "asrama-kat- smap-dulu", men.....it's so.....I don't know which word would describe my feeling at that time....=>

then, it was 11.15 pm. After salam wida'..... although everyone was still laughing and showing smileys everywhere....deep in my heart, I know that I felt very sad, feeling like... "doesn't want to leave this place..." I think ( it's more to " I know" actually..) everybody feel the same way too....

when I arrived here, UIA-MC, home, I realized that this trip is among the awakening and inspring trip for me... during all my years of living. I felt relived, relieved, and re-created (which is the main idea of "recreation" actually, dont you see it? re-creation....) Right now, I can consider that I have a clearer mind, a better heart, after a "tahap agung punya!" period of blurriness and nothingness . I even have the intention..no, it's not intention, it's more like tendency to re-arrange, re-neaten, and re-organize all my stuff.

Although I went to bed late, at about 3.30 am, I felt good.

Alhamdulillah, I woke up for my sahur, at about 5.00 am.... pray.... sleep ....and rose at about 10.00 I think.

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