20 November 2002

ramadhan..... what a ramadhan! You know, during this time, I'm thinking of something. I think, Allah gave us the ramadhan for us... just for us... to re-create and re-generate ourselvees. You know, without the help of syaitan, we just (should I say just?) need to strain ourself from the temptation... and that's all. If we can make it, then we can be what we dream and hope to be....because 30 days is quite a period. I don't know what others will think about this, but I'm very sure of it. furthermore, that's why there is a Quote, saying that azam is not only could be done in days before new year, but also before ramadhan.

what do you think?

Kita Kawan, Bukan Mahu Lawan

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