23 February 2003

I just returned from my 2nd 'recreation park', my beloved Darul Quran. Being there for my junior's khatam quran ceremony. And for the sake of recreation too. Re-creation. To create myself again, for the next semester in UIA. Hmmm.

(One thing I didn't like about typing is, u will have the tendency to go back and rewrite your sentence when u think u are doing mistakes, whether it's a spelling mistakes, or, it's a sentence mistakes, such as grammar... and etc.) Alhamdulillah, I refound myself, just as I hope before, and it feels really good when u found your self back. You know what to do to be whom your should be....( it's not the matter of accepting things as it is already fated to be and u can't do nothing about it, it's about planning and alligning urself with the track as what u've planned before, according to your knowledge level upon yourself.... am I sound confusing? I hope not!).... anyone remember Rasulullah s.a.w prayer about this matter? Alaa.... the doa which says, " O my Almighty God, give me the patience to see things as it be, and the courage to see things as it should be..." , or...is it vice-versa? Hmm.... what an "insan".

Kita Kawan, Bukan Mahu Lawan

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