16 January 2009


Sometimes, people may come into your life, and later they will leave. most of the time, they replaced something inside you with something else. maybe it is good. and maybe it is not really good.

A set of questions to ponder:

1)what do you expect when someone came into your life, leave, and says s/he wont never come back?

2)what if someone come knocking into your life and you would not be able to reply?

3)what will happen when someone you long for, come by with lots of questions that s/he can't even answer?

4)what would it be, when someone you really want to meet, does not really exists, now, at this moment?

5)how much would you pay for a friend who will always be at your side, no matter how hard the situation is? would you pay him/her your life?

6)how would you react when someone close to you, suddenly become afar for no apparent reason?

7)what's more revengeful when someone come by and leave you in despair, hopeless, no one to look for?

I can see there's a lot of question when it deals with human and humanity. But, to what extend the answer should really satisfy the curiosity? I know that curiosity never hurts. But too much curiosity could kill lots of cats.. not just one. What about you, what do you think?

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