31 December 2011

Cerita Hati (English Version)

On one gloomy night in the darkest desert storm coming, Envy creeps out of the darkness, planning to go meet Heart. When she's nearly there, she's stopped by Patience, Kindness and Anger.

Envy threatened, "Anger, Kindness, Patience, you guys won't be able to stop me now, so, back off, or else, I'll kill all of you and I'll stay with Heart no matter what!"

Patience calms Envy, and says, "I know you want Heart TO HAVE EVERYTHING, but to tell you the truth, you can only stay within Heart when we're together."

Kindness continues, "without me, Heart will get everything but GIVES OUT NOTHING."

Anger responded, "without me, Heart will get everything but soon loses everything out of shame and dignity, NOT KNOWING WHEN TO BE ANGRY of envy and when's not to."

Patience calms Envy down, "So that I can calm you down, Anger can turn you into positive regards, while Kindness can continue shine Heart's path with giving and sharing moment".

Together they embraced, in the will of the incoming storm, Heart's watching in contemplation to the Greatest Creator, the Best Saviour and the Mu'allifal Qalb. ^^

Envy is needed only for positive regards, people. Only when Patience, Kindness and Anger are together. =)

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