10 February 2004


A Walk to Remember by Everyone who knows something about Nothing, Everything and Something.

We feel great to tell you that your application to enter the Jannatul Firdaus are being processed. Please proceed to the next entrance.
Use your right eye for iris scanning, and your right thumb for fingerscanning. Wait for 5 seconds…. Ding dong! Use your MyKad for creditcard slipping…. Thank you. Please say Alhamdulillah for sound system scanning…. Ding dong! You are know entering the safe zone.

Ting tong! Thank u for your concern. Please walk to the right door, which will bring u to the Eden. Walking to the left door will bring u to happiness. Walking to the front door will bring u to the flowerbed.

Your option, which is best for you…
Thank you. Your command is being processed. Please wait 7 seconds.
Allright. You choose the right door! You are now called ashabul yamin. You are choosing the right action.
Please enter the door…

He walked to through that door. He found many strange and weird things. Sleepy pokemon, 7 huge ball (dragonball? Whoaaa..!!!), 7 gigantic monster, pikachu-like creature, tarantula, hanger, harring, and 7 persons that look just like him. He awed and amazed at this view.. or. … manzarah, in Arabic so called word. He walked again…. Somehow, when he looked up, he could see stars and planets. It’s like having kasyaf. You know, kasyaf? Seeing things as it is, not as they should be. He beginning to believe in something he haven’t see before.

He could see beyond the limit. Imagine… how could he see the wind, flowing gently around him, whispering the whisper of sound he hasn’t heard before. Strange, but sweet. He begins to fall to this rhythm. He knows, he was born for this new world.

But, for a second, he began to ask himself. Do I really belong here...or not… he became to hearing voices of euphoria… calling his name,

Neo…. Neo.. walk to me… came to me… neo... where are you... we miss u like crazy… come over here neo.. come to me… baby….

Neo? Who is neo? Am I neo? Am I the only one left? Am I the one? Am I? Will somebody help me? I’m craving for the answer! Tell me….

Suddenly, his spider sense tingling... and saying something like this…

“Yes.. You are the one. You are the chosen one. This world is created because of you. All the planets, stars, sun, moon, land, sky, earth, are created because of you. You are our only hope. You are the one.”

“The sun, the moon, the land, and sky, the hill, the view and the mountain high, He knows whatever we sing or act, because Allah sees the real fact.. and only He does what He will, and He makes, He safes, He keeps, forever the great, no age, no youth, He is perfection and He is truth…. Allmighty Allah and He is wise, He has no shapes, no face, no size, forever the great He’s our God, and always to be adored.”

You know guys, God always gives us test… to improve ourself, to create something in your heart, (the kuch kuch hota hai laa…. ) but how many people use their brain perfectly to think? God says, in suratul An’am… the man has brain, but he doesn’t want to think, they got the heart but they do not listen to it, they have ear, but they don’t want to listen to the conscience within, so what are they? They just giving lame excuses, and reasons, only to know that they don’t love their god. Why? This is our major and chronic problem in our society. They are ruled by their nafs, not their aql, or mind. Or even the heart. They didn’t know that, the more they know, the more they don’t know. That’s the problem.
End of text…. What do u think? Is he the one? Think! Force your mind to think, and you will become what you think. Choose your own destiny and reap it, because you are born to be the hero of your dream and reality! Choose wisely…. Choose Allah! Verily God loves one who does his work metioculously and perfectly. That’s him. You want to think? Good. That’s the way how you are created. Remember me in your prayer. Your friend, tintamadani. Adios aserehemos hastraprontoszeonyuemon! Astalavesta bebeh! Chiow! Got to go!

Kita Kawan, Bukan Mahu Lawan

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