08 September 2008

Lanun Teluk Aden: Mana Kapal Selam Komisen 500 Juta?

Apabila seorang bapa melahirkan kerisauannya agar kerajaan tidak menyelamatkan mangsa2 lanun Teluk Aden melalui langkah ketenteraan.

Dalih bapa ini, ditakuti lanun akan melakukan apa2 tindakan merbahaya untuk melawan 'PASKAL'.

Apa pula respon pihak tertinggi TLDM kepada perkara ini>? Tidakkah ia akan:

1) menampakkan seolah2 TLDM/PASKAL tidak mahir dalam menguruskan masalah ini?
2) menjadikan TLDM dalam keadaan serba salah - nak buat atau tak nak buat
3) menunjukkan seolah2 latihan2 TLDM/PASKAL itu tidak membawa apa2 makna?

Kita lihat apakah tindakan kerajaan pimpinan AAB untuk menangani respon ini.

di bawah adalah sedikit ulasan mengenai kapal yang dihantar ke Perairan Teluk Aden.

KD Pahang dan KD Kedah (KD Phg lebih terkini dari KD Kedah)

A-100 - 78 plus 15
A-200 - 120
Overall Length
A-100 - 91.1m
A-200 - 121m
BeamA-100 - at waterline - 11.8m, at 1st deck - 12.85m
A-200 - overall - 16.34m
A-100 - 1,650t
A-200 - 3,500t
Maximum Speed
A-100 - over 22kt
A-200 - over 27kt

The MEKO A combat ships, designed by Blohm and Voss, evolved from the MEKO family of ships which have been in operation with navies around the world since the 1980s.

The MEKO A family includes the 1,650t MEKO A-100 multi-purpose corvette and the 3,500t MEKO A-200 frigate. Improvements include increased payload share of ship displacement, stealthy design, advanced propulsion system and combat systems with modular open architecture.

tgk yang ni:
Four Valour Class MEKO A-200 anti-air frigates have been delivered to the South African Navy. A group of South African companies, known as the SA Corvette Group, including Altech Defence Systems, Kentron, LIW Division of Denel, Futuristic Business Solutions, Saab Avitronics, Grintek Electronics, Reutech and African Defence Systems (a joint venture company between Altech and Thales), is responsible for combining the weapons and electronics subsystems into a fully integrated combat suite.

The Malaysian Navy has ordered six Kedah Class Meko A-100 corvettes. The first two (KD Kedah and KD Penang) have been built in Germany and assembled in Malaysia. These were delivered to the PSC Naval Dockyard, Malaysia for final outfitting and sea trials in 2003. The first vessel, KD Kedah, was handed over to the RMN in April 2006 and was commissioned in June 2006. KD Pahang was commissioned in August 2006. Subsequent vessels are being built by BN Shipyards, Malaysia

The ship's integrated Seacom communications system is based on dual redundant high-speed fibre-optic networks and a modular hardware and software architecture. It is supplied by Grintek Electronics Systems based in Tokai, South Africa.

The frigate is armed with a 35DPG 35mm dual purpose gun from LIW division of Denel, Pretoria. A dual antenna Doppler radar, combined with high speed digital signal processing of the muzzle velocity measurement provide compensating feedback to the Fire Control Computer. Firing one burst of 25 rounds, cruise missiles are destroyed at ranges of at least 2.5km and high speed missiles at range 1.5km.

The frigate is equipped with the RTS 6400 naval optronic and radar tracking system developed by Reutech Systems, Stellenbosch, South Africa. The X-band (I/J bands) radar detection range is more than 25km against fighter targets and more than 16km against missile targets in poor weather.

The dual-band thermal imaging sensor operates in 3-5 and 8-12 micron wavebands. The system incorporates an eyesafe laser range finder.

Lanun di Teluk Aden = Lanun most probably from African Continent = KD Pahang dan KD kedah adalah produk South Africa + kita bukan dpt yang full set/version mcm asal = Maklumat org dlm tentang kapal = Dorg tau ttg kapal kita mgkn 100%= Kapal kita most vulnerable to attack = Kita tak menyergap, tapi kita yang akan disergap

Fikirkan aje lah. Mana perginya kapal selam komisen 500 juta? Hmm...


Anonymous said...

The Kedah Class OPV is based on the German Meko A design dan bukannya produk Afrika Selatan.

Some of the sub system in the OPV may have originated from South Africa but that doesnt mean the Somali pirates are able to sink our boats. I don't understand what Somali pirates have to do with South Africa ?

Paskal have done a commendable job guarding our sea lanes against pirate attack. There is no reason why they are not able to stand on their own against pirate attack in the Gulf of Aden.

I don't think there has ever been in recorded history where submarines are used to fight pirates. I don't see the point of sending our subs to fight pirates.

The presence of our frigate and OPV would be sufficient. Although I doubt a military assault will be employed by our Government.

The most probable outcome would be the use of diplomatic channel to secure the release of hostages.

By the way, before you decide to perlekehkan our men in uniform, a food for thought, even the French Navy with their aircraft carrier, nuclear submarines have not decided to employ their military might to release the french citizen held hostage.

Politics aside, try and be kind to the men and women in uniform. They are putting their lives at risk so that we all can enjoy creature comfort.

fami said...
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fami said...

Hi and thanks for dropping by.

KD kedah is not fully produced by south africa, yes, according to our understanding and the article provided.

Yet, because the system, majorly was created in S. Africa, I like to create connection between Somali pirates and South Africa.. as pirates in Somalia are more advanced from pirates around here. They can hack the system, provided that they knew the system really well (which I would kneejerkingly disbelieve upon that fact, if they dont know it yet)

up to current knowledge, subs havent been used to counter pirates.. but i dont see the reason why we cant use it.

have you heard about collateral damage?

are you saying that those held captive should be collaterally overlooked and let the pirate got whatever they want?

It's not the matter of how you see the sub or the OPV or whatever.

just bear in mind, that lanun@pirates are water terrorists.

If we can "successfully" eliminate threat from so called terorist with that draconian act, why we cant go to the same extent for sea terrorists?

A citizen is still a citizen, even if he/she is poor, disabled, illiterate or whatsoever.

Yet, their lives is still precious, and need to be protected.

The army, if they died during mission, they died for the sake of country. The family will be high in the eyes of many.

But look at the other point. If the citizen died, not only the local people would blame our Gov,but international country would see us as incapable of protecting our own citizen. the image would sunken down to the sea floor.

MY point is, citizen of Malaysia should be able to trust their own Gov. And the authorities.

For this, Gov should really play their roles, and not just sidestepping things and overlook threats.

I's too sickening.. i knew politics isnt everything, but now, politics determines everything.

All of us need to realize that.
Later :)

Anonymous said...

Based on the previous operation launched by GIGN, the Somali pirates are only armed with RPG and AKs.

You can't hack a warship ! You can blind the warship's electronic through the use of jammers. The US for instance employ Growlers to do the job. I doubt Somali pirates are able to put several jets up in the air and assault our warships' electronics.

Subs are not used against pirates. It is used against another ship, merchant or military. The reason why it is not used because it doesnt make sense unless of course the warships sent are not capable.

I would want to see the hostages freed as much as much as everyone else.

But you have to bear in mind the operational restrictions in mounting an operation thousand of miles away. Mounting an operation where our assets are within reach is one thing, say for example Mindanao but running an operation thousand of miles away with 2 warships and 2 helo which is more suitable for ASW warfare is another thing.

fami said...

Hi again.

Regarding the GIGN and the somali pirates, it would best to explain that, even after reading those articles, I still couldnt believe that those somali is using plain AK and RPG. I mean, something must have had happened there.

And yet, if GIGN managed to actually do it, save those victims, why can't we?

Submarines would not be used to counter pirate: because pirates are lame? you see, we underestimate ppl for the sake of saving resources which we think that it could be save for more crucial thing... but in the end, we lose both.

This may be applicable to other types of circumstances, not just to pirate. In fact, in can also be applied to life lessons.

PASKAL can do it, I know. They are trained to do it. so, let them do their job.

Furthermore, do you think the somalis pirates would actually listen to the negotiation? Even their country would not be able to control them. Why we bother so much on not taking the exact action?

Anonymous said...

hantar sub lawan lanun? kerja bodoh

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