31 May 2011

I'm Not THAT Genius

If you can't swim, go get a lesson.
If you can't win, go get a coach.

But would you try to win, something which is pointless in nature?
Such win , i doubt, my friend, will benefit or re-value yourself.

Menang hati perempuan sebab kena cabar member?
Lame nya. Kau suka kalau orang buat adik atau kakak kau macamtu?

Bertekak semata2 nak nampak kau saja yang betul?
Pun sama. Kalau dah salah, is it THAT wrong, untuk ambil masa, to say sorry and admit that you are not in that position to actually say that? Yelah, karang klu dan2 tu cakap sorry, ada pulak orang cakap "kau campak ajelah maaf tu ke longkang" out of anger, karang, malu plak.

How about talking on and on about something yang kita tak sure sangat? For the sake of nak nampak tahu semua?

Hmm. My bad. I would concur, to rectify someone who's rattling on and on about something which s/he is not that sure, just before s/he is gonna undress his/her naked mind. But!..

But, if I am doing just that, all this time with you, please point that out, so that I spend some moment to find myself in the middle, and say sorry, before you'd say the abovementioned statement.

So that I would stop talking.
So that I would not feel offended, of offending a mindful creature like you.

But please do not walk away and say that I didn't care enough to understand you, before offering solution.

And please do not say that I pretend to know everything , to make you look like an idiot who know nothing.

I'm so sorry. Please don't walk away.

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