06 May 2004

what a day!

song: Selfish.. Nsync... Celebrity

I've went through maharah alkalam.. (speaking test for Arabic language) with nabil and manan. I was asked to say someting about beautiful .. not beautiful ...but in malay we called it tempat pelancongan. I speak like a professional.. (acheh! =)) but I forgot to put daliil from Quran or hadeeth, so i get zero for additional verse section. My mark is 21.
Today I learn new thing. It happen while i was playing with my camera, with all of a sudden i accidentally pushed the roll button, causing my just-grab-7-photos film to roll to its end. What a heck!
Tomorrow we have the maharah istima'.. the listening test. On the next day I will go to UKM to meet my abang angkat, abang Mat Penang.
Some people say it is hard to find a true love, which will glow till the end of time. For me, it is a matter to be discussed about. I bet everyone of us know what is love. Love is not just a word, it is a verb. If we say we love something, we will take a good care of it, try not to lose it. It happens in so many events and time.
from my opinion, the greatest love of all is when you can connect every single thing u do to the almighty God. God is wise and he's always with u. he's inside u, always guiding u to do the good thing and leave all the bad habits.
Okay, times up. Got to go. Assalamualaikum.

Kita Kawan, Bukan Mahu Lawan

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