09 June 2008

Saya Mahukan Komen Anda! :)

Ada sesuatu yang saya ingin kongsikan kepada anda semua.

Bagi saya, ini adalah permulaan saya untuk berserius dalam bidang kedua yang saya minati selepas Flash Designing - Music Mixing. :)

Saya telah mula belajar menggunakan Fruity Loop dan Sony Acid Music Studio ketika semester pertama saya di kampus, iaitu sekitar April 2005. Pada ketika itu, saya berjaya mencipta dua lagu, lengkap dengan lirik. Satu lagu masih bersama saya, "Syahdu", dan satu lagi, "Langkah Seperjuangan" telah diserahkan pada individu tertentu.

Sepanjang Jun 2007 sehingga sekarang, saya telah mencipta 12 buah lagu, (ya, mungkin satu bulan satu lagu, hehe). S

Dengan kualiti beginner, terhasillah apa yang saya panggil sebagai, Lintasan Cinta. Album ini saya gubah muziknya sendiri, saya susun liriknya, dan saya nyanyikan sendiri.

Ingin saya kongsikan bersama anda semua, cerita, penghargaan dan impian saya, kepada kehidupan dan orang2 tertentu dalam hidup. Terimalah dari saya, Lintasan Cinta.

Klik link ini, dan anda akan dibawa ke page untuk download dari rapidshare.com. Anda boleh memilih mana2 lagu untuk download.

Saya cuma mahukan komen jujur anda, (tak ikhlas pun takpe, hehe) mengenai produk sulung saya. Ikut suka anda lah, nak tinggalkan di post comment pun takpe, shoutbox, atau email saya, bg yang tahu email saya. :)

nota: Mencari Firdaus, susunan muziknya adalah dari saya. Tapi liriknya bukan. Saya cuma melagukannya sahaja. Liriknya dicipta oleh seorang yang sangat berbakat dalam puisi. Mentor Ulung :) Mungkin anda pernah dengar namanya.


AbDdU! said...

peace ... salam ..

well well ... someone who is interested in digital music i find you, good .. coz mee too is ...

anyway, lets get into comments as u requested ...

i had some bad time downloading from rapidshare as sometimes it will tell my i cant download and have to wait ... but no problem .. i got hold of some of the tracks ...

after some a number of some listens ... specifically to your "Kisah dendam dan sesal" which so far i consider to be your "masterpiece",

i can only say that you should watch out for the quality, i mean the quality of sound, as i know you have used a normal microphone - but that can be refined by using different sound wares such as samplitude or audition ... with those u increase the volume and add more effect to the sound depending on environment .. such as reverb and chorus ... not too much but to a certain extent ... or do whatever else u see reasonable

then comes the quality of instruments or (synthesizers) used, there are many out there (even free ones) that can reproduce different sounds (good also)... but in ur collection u kept using some same instruments over and over ... for some songs u might have used a piano to give a more sad tone ... but i wont touch that part since its under "personal preference" ...

music quality: u have some nice and simple composition there .. i admire that u can make simple music and sing over it ... but again the question arises: do u really want to become a singer? or a composer? or both? ... coz each of them takes more time than the other .. so here i see that u lost focus ... and i dont think that as a student (if u are still) will have that much of time ... or u can focus on the piano, and i think u will succeed since u have knowledge of music and composition ...

then comes ur control of ur own voice ... this one needs practice, u have proven that ur voice is a singing voice in some parts .. but some parts will get bad results ... maybe more practice b4 recording or recording in multi sessions should help ...

u need a new set of instruments my friend ... find the orchestra pack ... or some jazz drum pack ... that suits the type of music ur trying to implement here ...

something which i really dont want to forget commenting on is the "mastering" ... leveling of volume and stuff like that .. u have a wide stereo range as well ... why not use it? u can put instruments and drums on a wider range or scope so that the appear natural ... not too electronic unless u intend electronica music such as trance ...

finally, why dont give instrumental music a try ... u might find that its more enjoyful than songs ... this is just a personal opinion since i think that human voice will only interfere with music and should be let alone ... give it a try!

i may come back with some in-details comments regarding each song .. so far iv listened more than half of that set u have ..

so good luck!


fami said...

salam to abddu :)

first, thanks for listening to my song.

second, thanks for leaving that commment. it really inspired me to take it to the next level, i suppose :)

third, thanks for specifically comment on each of the things. I'm impressed with those comment, actually. It shows that you are a good listener, perhaps you are better than me :)

I will try to improve on the aspect you suggested.

On the composer-singer thing, I compose better than I sing. The voice was just to guide the actual singer sing, as what they should do :)

Thanks again. Look forward for my next collection ok? :)

Anonymous said...

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