30 March 2010

something about Love(?)

cinta tapi tak mengambil berat. that's bullshit.

cinta tapi tak mahu komitmen? that's rubbish.

I love you not because i need you. I need you because i loved you? that's another one.

to love and not being loved back, that's selfless.
to love and got hated by doing it so, that's ridiculous.
to love and being loved back, that's something.
for a love to touch one's heart which have been tainted with disloyalty, and then flew off once the heart learns to love again, that's cruelty.

to love and not to be able to confess that it is love, that is pity.

to love and too forward to express until the love flew off, that's so not love. it's infatuation.

being loved and not loving back, that's selfish.
being loved and being able to redo the loving, that's something.

sepi jika sendiri. hanyut jika sendiri. that's Hujan. hehe... :)

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