01 March 2012

Meanings of Life

I chose to have faith in Allah not because the symbol of devotion, but because He is my Protector and that is meaningful enough for me.

I choose designer for a job of living because it isn't a symbol of status, but because it offers a meaning.

I chose a car, not because it is a symbol of status, but because it carries me to my meanings.

I choose to love and be loved not because it is a symbol of belonging, but because the love itself offers meaning.

I chose to be in relationship with Amalina Zainal neither because it is a symbol of my one and only love, nor showing off, but because she's THAT meaningful.

Life is truly about experiencing meanings in their context. It is lucky enough to learn meaning, in another person's perspective, what more to be loved and taken care of. 

Even if some flaws occur in that experience of meaning, I'll be holding myself dear to that meaning. Because, the mistake of experience would not change the meaning.

Why all of these are relevant?

How we relate ourself to our life meaning define our experience. And life without meaning, are as good as not living at all.

As much as hurdles impede, constant challenges of life, is nothing, when the life feels meaningful enough.

Yet, when a meaning seems fading away, there's better be an effort to restore the meaning, or it can affect every experience to other meanings of life.

Pray for me, everyone. =) onegai shimas~ 

the person who always try to make most sense of his life,

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