17 October 2002

After being in CS-like dream, the azan is being called, and it was at that time I rose up. My watch shows 5.46 am. Men! So early! I wandered for a couple of minutes, and perform my Subuh praying. Then, I continue my sleep, unable to fight against my temptation to put my head back to my "cool and refreshing" pillow.

I woke up, again, at about 10.00. Hahahaha. Bath. Jumping into my suit, I went to CELPAD to see whether my grouping matter has been settled. walked....meet Anuar Suid....breakfast...splitting...anuar went to A n' R, while I went to CELPAD, ....4 girls and 2 boys....open the door...

la, mana borangnya?....

"madam, can I know when can I get back (have) my add and drop form?"

"oh, I think, you can only have it by tomorrow morning, because right now we are doing our best to finish it up."

"oh...OK. Thanks."

So, I have to wait for my English Level 4 Course Coordinator to put me into the group...before I can proceed with my add and drop session. Luckily the due date is tomorrow, not today.

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