20 October 2002

What's your opinion about this? I really like the message. Somehow, I slowly began to think that this thing also, happens to me.

bismillah ...


I miss my silent heart

I miss my silent heart,

that focuses, deep in thought

that tells me the truth

when others lie

that shows me the proof

when others deny

that guides me and protects me

prevents me from wrong

that tells me and convinces me

that I’m fine the way I’m

I miss my silent heart

coz it has been very noisy

since it stepped into the real world

which is awfully, very busy

now it talks about things

unimportant, simple and easy,

to release me from tense

or feeling unhappy…

it thinks about life

short-termed with too much 'love'

so that I’ll dream

yet I’m all awake ..

it shows me wonders,

glittering splendours ...

it shows me colours,

worldly flavours ...

it shows me things,

too many of them ...

which I do not comprehend,

which I do not understand ...

it tells me very 'important' questions,

yet gives indefinite answers ...

it makes me perceive,

things I do not believe ...

it tells me to be 'me',

which is not what I am ...

it makes me 'me',

when my heart is noisy ...

cheerful' and 'too happy',


'adventurous' and 'lively' …

when I am forgetful indeed,

forgetting, not taking heed ...

of what Allah commands in the Qur'an,

of what the Prophet preached,

things, that I should always bear in mind ...

I miss my silent heart,

now I worry about things

that I should not …

I miss my silent heart,

the Qur'an,

the dzikr,

the peaceful surrounding,

and my silent heart ...

I miss my silent heart

Allahumma ...

I seek YOUR forgiveness

I seek YOUR guidance of truth

I seek YOUR true love and bliss

show me YOUR way of peace

light and guide my life,

protect me from falling again

into the busy world ...

that speaks of the unreal,

that speaks of the untruth,

yet very, very appealing ..

coz it made my heart noisy,

and it made me lose 'me' ...

and I love my silent heart,

I can't stand being far apart ...

and miss my silent heart!

allahummaghfirli zunubii

allahumma tohhir qalbi

allahumma ab'idni min makriddunya

wa ma minha minasy syarri...

allahumma la taj'al fi qalbi,

hubban min gheyri hubbik ...

fala ana illa 'abdik,

wa ma ana bisyai-in illa bimardhatik,

faghfirli, warhamni ...

allahumma tohhir qalbi ….

alfaqeer ilallah,

khaleel el-wafy


1.31 am

Kita Kawan, Bukan Mahu Lawan

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