30 January 2011

Wanderings o fMy Mind

When a girl is over two men, she will awfully choose the one who fills up most of the checklist, sometimes too much into focusing money over substance, polish over principle, looks over innercharm, so much, when all they always talking was about finding true love, responsible, respectful and genuinity.

So guys, when you've been selected, you might only fills up on the blanks, but not necessarily on the heart. Watchout!

Sometimes we do decide to move out of the league, to prevent ourself from winning over an uncovenient match of walking checklist which we dont really want to win, by honouring the lose.because we dont always take breaking a woman's heart for a sport. Aren't we nice? (notice the usage of girl and woman) LOL

Why do I blurb about all these?

Because I feel pity for both party. I... I don't know. What say you?

Kita Kawan, Bukan Mahu Lawan

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