18 June 2011

Letter Puzzle La Sangat

Main LetterPuzzle sebelum tidur. Ini adalah mode pengiraan kambing secara existensial. Soal rehat yang menentukan mati hidupnya kita.
(Yelah, kan kalau tak cukup rehat boleh mati?)

Kalau tak boleh kira kambing untuk tidur, jom kita teka ayat sebelum tidur. Mana la tau terus boleh tidur?

In the beginning of inside,
when we turn that U upside down,
the beginning of lullaby plays,
ended with the beginning of opportunity
peace, as you said, we seek,
both in enemy and foe,
as I look in the mirror of m, 
we stand together in front of the mirror of !,
and after the hands of clock strikes both in two and ten, you said,
even when we're in the middle of nowhere
yet, in the end, of why
i see it in the ocean and you,
and do know, without this, the three words means nothing for us.

Surprise your loved ones with the answer. Best, offer her the ring she cant afford to lose :P

1) all hints are bolded in.
2 uoy htiw evolni << reverse it to see the answer

buat sendiri, credit to Sunah Mohamad` :D


.miSz bubbLe. said...

In love with you ..
Dah jawab smalam ^_*

Fahmi Mahat said...

hehe~ =)TQ kamu~

Halusinasi said...

at last, i understand about that puzzle^^

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