24 June 2011

Special Saturday#1:ChentaHaty

'I wished I met her before I met her."

Hesitation would not be needed in saying this.

Rather, what you can see, here, is the way I see human.
Human, to most extent, are full of curiosity, which most of the time leads to negative affects for people around them.

Tak percaya?

You see one Black Suede BMW 5 series entering your neighbourhood. New one. Shining. It stops in front of you, and the door opens.

Oh, it's your friend.

your mind: wow! BMW5 beb! mana dia dapat duit beli nih << curious mind
your heart: hmm. MLM la nih xde lain. Nak ajak aku la ni? (sambil buat muka manis) "fullamak bro, lawa keta~!" << this is prejudgement

Simple perception which leads the curiosity to prejudgement. Negative one.

But not chentahaty.

Hey, seriously, she's not.

This person, rather than seeing me as everybody else, she challenges me with every questioning-mind kind of question. And I can say that, to most extent, shaped me to be who I am, today.

This person is so meaningful to me, to that particular sense that:
1) she is my only FB friend suggesting me into Sahabat Blogger, (even if she was not there, now, as often as before), and open my eyes to every possibilities of friendship I may and may not obtained from Bloggers Group within Facebook. Who knows I ended up doing Flash content for Bloggers? I wish I met her before I met her.
2) she laughed at my jokes, eventually making me laughing together-gether. I mean, every type of jokes available from the mind of Fahmi Mahat. (if you know me long enough, you'll know how many types of jokes I can propose. Well, not that many, right?#yes)
3) she's among the reason, of why I'd joined Blogger Perak, and their gatherings.
4) She's funny, friendly, flirtious (well, not so much), and fancy-tive (sensitively fancy, how's that)
5) Most important, she helps me to stop 'me' from having those prejudgements. You don't know what it means to actually able to stop prejudgement and actually see what drives them so.

I wrote this Entry to show that I am in full appreciation of you, and what we'd become. I'll hope that this will make up your day, eventually, if not so.

Thank you ChentaHaty.

Thank you, Nor Aliaa Farhana Mohd Ali. =)

This entry is made for Special Saturday.
To learn more about it, go to Specialsaturday now. Join us and let the spirit of appreciation rise.

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